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Square Fry Pan 28 cm | XD Nonstick

  • Perfect for frying, searing and browning, the shape of this Nonstick Swiss Diamond Square Fry Pan allows you to fit even more food in the pan, without overcrowding. This brilliantly designed pan browns meats like stainless steel, yet is incredibly effortless to clean. The PFOA-free advanced XD nonstick coating on this pan is 40 percent tougher than the previous Swiss Diamond HD coating. Non-toxic and extremely safe, the new XD nonstick coating contains 20 percent more diamonds than the HD coating as well. Just what do diamonds do? Nothing conducts heat more quickly or efficiently than diamonds. When you combine that with the extra thick, cast aluminum body, the result is that this pan transfers heat so well that you never need to use more than low to medium heat, reducing your overall energy consumption. The perfectly flat base of this square fry pan will not tip, spin or warp while cooking, and it also helps to provide uniform heat distribution. With comfortably engineered ergonomic handles that are designed to stay cool on the stovetop, this pan is perfect for daily use. You will be addicted to the easy cleanup and excellent nonstick performance. Ideal for years of healthy cooking, this pan is designed to be used with little to no oils or butters. The rivet-free cooking surface is smooth and nonstick, while also providing maximum protection against bacteria. Suitable for most cooktops, this pan is a one of a kind, and a useful and versatile addition to any kitchen. Made in Switzerland.
  • SKU: XD6328
    UPC: 7640119217147
    AVAILABILITY: Ships within 1 day
    DIMENSIONS: 28 x 28 cm (11" x 11")
    RECOMMENDED STOVETOPS: Gas, Electric, Radiant Ring, Ceramic, Halogen
    CLEANING: Dishwasher safe; hand wash recommended
    LID: Not Included
    OVEN-SAFE: Up to 260°C (500°F)
    VOLUME: 2.4 l (2.5 qt)
    DEPTH: 4 cm (1.6")